Analysis Edition

MarketPlace Analysis is a set of tools enabling you to create new budgets in NAV, based on all your historical data with enormous flexiblity. Those budgets can then be reviewed against real-time or scheduled data and strong or weak performers can be identified.

With the enormous amount of data in your ERP solution real-time, calls are not always critical. That way historic data can be backed up and utilised or when it needs to be compared with the latest data in real-time. This enables extensive comparison of previous years when creating budgets and the ability to assess budget performance as it happens.
The ability to create unlimited versions of budgets based against different criteria in the creation of the best and worst case scenarios, enabling all cost centres to provide their input.

Budget Management

Create sophisticated budgets in NAV based on previous results with detailed changes including anticipated campaigns, new product lines and global changes.

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Dashboard Manager

Manage all elements of your MarketPlace Analysis Edition from your dashboard based on user permissions and roles to review all your analysis.

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Evaluate real-time which product lines are performing and which are not, based on sales inventory turnover use Gross Margin Return on Investment calculations specific to your industry vertical.

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Sales Analysis

Evaluate current sales performance in  dimensions ranging from division to specific ranges or products. Data sets can be returned subject to permissions and roles and compared to budgets.

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