Mobile Edition

MarketPlace Mobile Edition bridges the gap between an online web solution and printed catalogues or sales brochures. The solution can be used to display sales presentations or catalogues of your products, which can be updated regularly and also used offline. More importantly, it enables your sales staff or retailers to place orders or quotes in an easy enough fashion, even when on the road. The application can also be used at exhibitions, and comes with a module for barcode scanning to further ease the purchasing process.

Integration and display of ERP data can be structured to optimize the user experience, focusing on displaying only the most necessary data in order to provide a clean look and feel.
Even when not in internet range, the application can show downloaded presentations and product catalogs, even to the point of being able to save and create orders which will be sent once the device is online again.
Product catalogs can be updated based on levels of priority - minor vs major updates. Major would entail new products being added, minor would entail minor pricing or inventory changes.
The application is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Presentation Manager

Create presentations for your end customers or salespeople to assist with the sales process, or to act as a welcoming introduction to your philosophy. Presentations can be served up to users either based on language, login information or a common set of user grouping.

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Order Manager

Submit orders directly to NAV with a valid NAV Customer No, or create orders for non-existing NAV customers which will be held in the application backend pending creation of a new customer card in NAV.

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Offline Mode Manager

Offline mode enables the application to retain downloaded catalogs and presentations while offline. Orders and quotes will be queued within the app for submission once the device detects an internet connection.

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Scanning Manager

The barcode scanning module allows for easier and more effective product purchasing, just by scanning a product barcode (in a variety of formats). Ideal for exhibitions or Point of Sales Management.

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iBeacon Messenger

Use iBeacon proximity hardware to notify users who have the application about events that are happening physically close to them. Ideal for exhibitions or retail stores.

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Notification Manager

Centrally communicate messages to all users of the application including promotions of specific products or upcoming events and exhibitions.

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Find Retailer

Use this GeoLocation module to identify retailers that are close to the user, in order to promote nearby retailers.

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Catalogue Manager

The ability to create multiple catalogues of products with individual views displaying key data from Nav, including for example Descriptions, Inventory and Prices.

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Available as out-of-the-box solutions all can be further customised to cater for the specific needs of the customer.

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